About Us

The Pathobiology laboratory Center was founded in 1969 to offer clinical and anatomical diagnostic services by a group of medical specialists and scientists in Tehran. Since its establishment, its main focus has been to seek and maintain the best clinicians and MDs in an effort to offer the highest standards of care. This practice has been applied by attracting the most qualified employees in an effort to sustain its steady rate of growth without compromising quality. In doing so, it has also maintained the same outlook by being meticulous in every application during periods of expansion from space to equipment, additions of diagnostic tests, and the needs of its employees. In doing so, patient comfort has always been its primary focus. This is the factor of immense scrutiny: providing the finest accommodations.  Facilitating easy access has been our primary concern during each phase of relocation. Therefore, the most suitable parts of the city has been of the utmost importance.


Our current list of 205 employees include 16 doctors who specialize in a variety of clinical and diagnostic areas of laboratory sciences who are responsible for management of all areas from admissions to specimen collection, proper analysis of results and their ultimate delivery to the patients.


The various departments include pathology, cytology, immune-histochemistry, biochemistry, special Biochemistry, hematology, hormone assay, immune-serology, electrophoresis (immune-typing, detection of hemoglobin, and varieties of thalassemia) microbiology, fungal diseases, PCR, para-cytology, detection of blood clots, quality control management department, and IT.


Our main goals include:


  1. Continuous quality control & assurance management


  1. Offering the latest diagnosis; improve the quality of medical care


  1. Offering fully automated systems to prevent human errors


  1. Keeping up with the latest scientific advancements


This lab’s continuous success has been the result of the following parameters:


(2011)- Acquisition of international standards in EN ISO 9001:2008, from the BSI of England


(2012) acquisition of Iran’s highest standards of excellence


(2015) acquisition of the EN ISO 9001:2008 from Germany’s TUV NORD (DAKKS)


(2015) in accordance with Iran’s ISO 9001:1388, (NACI), the society which insures quality assurance and improvement throughout the country, our department consists of 3 medical specialists & 2 experts


In 2015, the total number of patients exceeded 245,000 which included over 3 million tests. Since its foundation 47 years ago, this laboratory has been has been one of the main establishments in maintaining the highest in standards of medical excellence and has offered the highest level of healthcare in this country.